We Empower Youth Workers With Digital Tools

Digital transformation shapes youth work, education, the labor market, social life, and interpersonal relations. With the development of technology, the world is getting smaller and changing our lives. Therefore, individuals need to improve their digital skills
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About Project

In the globalizing world, rapid technological developments are taking place and they dominate all areas of our lives. The environments of people and the way they communicate with each other are changing, and the people of our age are known as technology society, information society. This rapid change and development of technology have led to the inclusion of many innovations in the world of communication, and to the digitalization of communication technologies in every field.

01-08 AUG 2022


Such Training Courses can bring added value to the interactions youth workers have with young people; it can help them develop new activities in their daily work to include technology, making the interactions more dynamic and a better fit for the new generation; it can bring digital content into the work (non-formal educational games, more interaction using social media channels, etc.); finally, it can help in developing online services for those young people, that cannot be reached otherwise. Therefore, improve the interactions of organizations that have these youth workers under their umbrella. Improving the youth workers will bring value to the organization’s capacity in this regard