Education and Future Technologies Association (EFTA) is a social enterprise aiming to enhance productivity, equality of opportunity, and quality in education by making use of today’s and future technologies. Established in İzmir, EFTA conducts its activities both on national and international scale.


Our mission is to empower youth to grow personally, in their careers, and evolve their community. Thе ovеrall aim of ‘Coconut Luxembourg’ is to providе young pеoplе (18-30) with thе opportunity to gеt activеly еngagеd in thеir own pеrsonal growth and to dеvеlopmеnt and to fulfil thеir potеntial. Wе do this by supporting young pеoplе’s activе involvеmеnt and participation. We collaborate with youth and community organisations from Еuropе and nеighboring countriеs to contributе in providing quality training and learning opportunities for youth regardless if they are voluntееrs, youth lеadеrs, activists. Our scope of work is in Luxembourg, EU and Euro-Mediterranean since intеrcultural lеarning is on of thе corе valuеs that Coconut Luxembourg work is basеd on.


Seiklejate Vennaskond is youth and civil society organization, which connects active adventurous people together. We work mainly with young people, but also with youth workers, trainers and teachers and organizations active in non-formal education field and lifelong learning. Our members have participated and organized different youth exchanges, seminars and training courses concerning equality, fight against racism & xenophobia, human rights, mobility and migration, environment protection, healthy lifestyle, no hate speech movement, refugees and other issues. Our volunteers gather every month to take up new ideas and think how to put them into practice. We sincerely believe that young people today can make a difference and we all work for this purpose.

Youthfully Yours

Youthfully Yours SK is a Non-governmental organization located in Eastern part of Slovakia. What we would like to see in our region are Ambitious & Competent young people eager to benefit their community. In order to achieve that, we feel determined to advance young people’s competences, to empower a sense of initiative & social responsibility, and to promote Active citizenship, Social inclusion & Intercultural dialogue among young people from Eastern Slovakia. At the local level, we focus on Youth Empowerment and the Youth’s ability to participate actively in society. We strongly believe in the value of Non-formal education and experiential learning. For these reasons, YY on regular basis organizes various seminars, educational and training activities, cooperates with local schools, educational centers, universities, and introduces innovative educational approaches to young people, youth leaders, and youth workers. We increase young people’s awareness about available learning, volunteering and work opportunities on the local, national or international level, empower them to apply for various educational programs, training courses, conferences, volunteering activities and internships.

Youth Bridges

Youth Bridges Budapest, based in Hungary, is a youth foundation with the aim to support young people dealing with the challenges of the 21st century and to help them spend the early stages of their adult lives actively and productively to build up their successful future and to become active citizens, create value and contribute to social development. We pay special attention to social diversity and intercultural dialogue for peaceful societies; sustainable lifestyle and environmental awareness; and the future of (digital) learning and educational innovation. We aim to develop transformative competencies through supporting social entrepreneurship, international mobility and volunteerism and organising non-formal education events. We believe that social and environmental responsibility, equity and inclusion, effective self-expression and understanding, self-confidence and resilience, mental and physical wellbeing, active citizenship, etc. are not only values, but form a set of competences.

Digital Idea

DIGITAL IDEA is a Scientific Association, representing higher education graduates and professionals with an established interest in the application and diffusion of new technologies in Education, Health, Culture, Environment and any other human activity. It’s members are professionals in large public and private organizations, university professors and high school teachers. DIGITAL IDEA is a non-profit scientific association with the following general purposes:

• Improving the skills of using and implementing New Technologies to upgrade Education, Health, Culture and the Environment.

• The promotion and dissemination of Modern Technology Methods in educational processes (via living and electronic learning), in the productive sectors, in tourist services, in energy -environmental applications, in health, in economy, in administration and human resource management and quality assurance.


Being one of the perspective growing NGOs in our region Puglia and promoting youth initiatives in our city Bari and neighbourhood, we deeply recognize the responsibility towards the development of future. In this regard, we see the importance of connecting youth with different backgrounds together, promoting dialogue between different groups of people and helping to develop an independent, progressive and upgraded civil society. EUROSUD is established in the small city of Triggiano. Close countryside and rural area around Bari. The organization is made up of number of experts with a goal to offer a support, help, services and counselling in the area of civil society and democratic institutions development, civil values, and non-formal education for all citizens (especially for young people).

European Mobility Center

European Mobility Center is the association that works many years for Youth, educational system development and to promote the cultural and sport activities. EMC was created in January 2010 for the development of civil society – through the projects supporting social activity – including the development of the education system and the labor organizing professional internships in Poland and abroad, as well as training courses. We specialize in the implementation of actions cofinanced from the Erasmus + and PO WER programs. We also organize cultural projects at both local and international level. İnformation about national and international mobility opportunities, EVS, entrepreneurship, training and orientation and career opportunities in order to share with other young’s European values and also new development opportunities like the ones we already have experienced.


European Development Institute (EDI) fosters sustainable development, employment, education, and cross-sectoral cooperation by providing individuals and organizations around Europe with transformational project experiences. Since establishment, more than 5,000 disadvantaged young, business and non-profit leaders, and university students from 20 countries have participated in the EDI’s education, training programs, and projects. EDI focused on three main areas; green economics, entrepreneurship & employment and culture & creative industries. The founders are professional individuals with nearly 30 years of experience in business, projects and civil society.